Game station

Every single character except for Clod in DWTD at the train station.

Here is a list of the Characters in Dumb Ways to Die. They have a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

List of Characters in DWtD

Name Lyric Gender Color Number Singing
Numpty Set Fire To Your Hair Male Azure 1 Yes
Hapless Poke a stick at a grizzly bear Male Yellow 2 No
Pillock Eat medicine that's out of date Male Teal 3 Yes
Dippy Use your Private Parts as Piranha bait Male Thulian Pink 4 Yes
Dummkopf Get your Toast out with a Fork Male Rose 5 No
Dimwit Do your Own Electrical Work Male Azure, Taupe 6 Yes
Stupe Teach Yourself how to Fly Male Lime 7 Yes
Lax Eat a Two Week Old Unrefrigerated Pie Male Cornflower 8 Yes
Clod Invite a Psycho Killer inside Male Olivine 9 No
Doomed Scratch a Drug Dealer's brand new ride Male Plum 10 Unknown
Numskull Take your Helmet off in Outer Space Unknown Lime 11 No
Bungle Use a Clothes Dryer as a Hiding Place Male Pink 12 Yes
Mishap Keep a rattlesnake as a pet Male Green 13 Yes
Dunce Sell both your kidneys on the internet Male Blue 14 No
Calamity Eat a tube of superglue Female Brown 15 No
Ninny I wonder what's this red button do? Male Orange 16 Yes
Botch Dress up like a moose during hunting season Male Green 17 Yes
Doofus Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason Male Yellow 18 Yes
Stumble Stand on the edge of a train station platform Male Pink 19 Yes
Bonehead Drive around the boom gates at level crossing Male Green 20 Yes
Putz Run across the tracks between the platforms Male Purple 21 Yes

Dumb Ways To Die 2: The Games

Name Color
Skellieflop Orchid
Loopy Iceberg
Ruckus Periwinkle blue
Dumbbell Robin egg blue
Madcap Tiger's eye
Zany Magenta
Dingy Blue-purple
Boffo Dark sea green
Junior Light salmon pink
Knucklehead Dark sea green
Bard Earthpaint 2-20-6 Festival
Reite Desaturated dark blue
Stupa Mango
Boothy Pastel red

Special Characters

Name Appearence Color
MIFF Extra Characters MIFF Blue, Purple , Green
Numpty's Son April Fools Azure
Señor Redcape Running of the Bulls Yellow
Mr. Ghost Halloween Pink
Munchies Halloween Blue

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List of Dumb Ways to Die characters
Dumb Ways to Die + App game
Verse 1 Numpty · Hapless · Pillock · Dippy
Verse 2 Dummkopf · Dimwit · Stupe · Lax
Verse 3 Clod · Doomed · Numskull · Bungle
Verse 4 Mishap · Dunce · Calamity · Ninny
Bridge Botch · Doofus · Stumble · Bonehead · Putz
Animals Bear · Piranhas · Rattlesnake · Wasps · Moose[app only] · Panda[app only]
Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games
The Sports Trio Skellieflop · Loopy · Ruckus
Other characters Dumbbell · Madcap · Zany · Dingy · Boffo · Junior · Knucklehead · Bard · Reite · Boothy · Phyllis · Stupa · Blacksmith · The Dumb Team
Animals Shark · Dolphin · Killer Whale · Penguin · Yeti · Bunyip
Other video
MIFF MIFF Extra Characters
April Fools Numpty's Son
Running of the Bulls Señor Redcape · Bull
Halloween Mr. Ghost · Munchies · Chicken
Christmas Klaus
Trump Ways To Die Trump
Official Facebook page
Super Dumb
Print Advertising
Phoney[app only] · Slaptery · Mr. Gate & Mrs. Gate(with unknown blue characters)

 ● Italic text = Character with unofficial name

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