Metro dumb ways to die piranha
  • Dippy's line is the second the to feature an animal; the first was Hapless and Bear.
  • He is one of three characters with visible bones, the other two being Skellieflop and Dummkopf.
  • Dippy is a pink character. The other pink characters are Dummkopf, Bungle, and Stumble.
  • Dippy is briefly seen at the end of a minigame in Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games.
  • While Dippy's transverse processes are seen in his lower skeletons, Dummkopf's transverse processes are not seen.
  • According to the early storyboard of Dumb Ways to Die, his private parts were censored with a black square before he jumped into the water.
  • In the first line of the video, he kicks a piranha away. There are only 2 left after in the entire video.


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