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Doofus is the character who disturbed a nest of wasps for no good reason. He is in group five, but not related to the trains, just like Botch.


As a child Doofus was prone to head injuries. This meant his parents wouldn't allow him to play ball sports. Denied his one true passion, Doofus now jumps at any opportunity to play with round things. Including wasp nests. That takes a lot of balls.[1]

  1. Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal


Doofus looks very similar to Hapless. They both are the same color, shape, die from animals and both hold something. The only difference is they die different ways.

Game Edit

In the game when Doofus appears, you have to kill all the wasps that are in his face due to playing with its nest. If you win the game he will swipe his sweat from his forehead and make an expression of relief, but if you lose he will be stung to death, as seen in the video.

Doofus has another minigame where he throws a nest of wasps in the air. You must tilt Doofus around so he can catch the nest of wasp several times. If you win, the bees will make a winking face at Doofus. If the nest touches the ground, the bees will attack Doofus and he will fall, resulting in failure.



Doofus falls with the nest of wasps

  • Doofus is the only character to lie down after death.
  • He and Hapless are the only yellow characters in the video.


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