Dumb Ways to Die - New ways to die is a short video by DumbWays2Die. It involves some extra bloodiness.

Plot Edit

Bungle first shows up in his dryer. He used it as a hiding place, is stuck there and can't get out. He spins normally like the way he does in the fourth line in the third verse. He turns into blood because he spun too much. Dunce is the second approaching. His kidneys he sold on the internet were bloody, and his smile was still showing and his eyes were growing sadder towards his death. Pillock approaches next. He didn't have a bloody death. Instead, he ate his medicine that was out of date. Lastly came up Doomed. But he wasn't scratching the drug dealer's brand new ride. But the drug dealer, himself, did beat him up. And this was the only time we didn't see himself, but his bat. A car driven by an unseen character shows up. When all the characters got run over, they were dismissed except for Pillock. After he got run over, THIS was the bloody death he deserved. After he falls, near a couple of seconds, his medicine falls, too.

Featured CharactersEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Bungle, Dunce, Pillock and Doomed are the only characters in the video.
  • Pillock is the only character without a bloody death (before the pledge).
  • All the characters got run over by a car. But Pillock was still there.