Dumb Ways to Die 2 - The Final Dumbtier is a video uploaded by DumbWays2Die (YouTube channel).


Dumbbell is pouring in his tea. The tea he poured formed to a bubble because of no gravity. Dumbbell gasped of worry and started to catch that bubble! He tried to grab it. He tried to catch it. He even tried to push! He pushed and pushed and pushed, but he started to feel nervous. The bubble soared to the controls. It electrtocuted because of the tea. Dumbbell had an unseen death! His rocket went to the Sun and crashed into it. A cow is seen flying with a space helmet on.

Trivia Edit

  • The Trailer name is a reference to "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier"
  • This is also the second time we hear Dumbbell's voice, with the first time being in the "Shark Jumping" minigame from the Drown Town.

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