Metro dumb ways to die toaster

Dummkopf's skeleton has different anatomy unlike in Dumb Ways to Die video and app game.

  • Dummkopf (pronounced: [ˈdumkɔp͡f]) means 'stupid head' in German. For laughs, the shop page jokes its rough translation as "someone who puts a fork in a toaster without pulling the plug out first", implying the hint of stupidity.
  • Dummkopf is one of the pink characters. the other pink characters are Stumble, Bungle, and Dippy.
  • Dippy's skeleton is shown, and so is Dummkopf's skeleton.
    • Coincedencily, they are both pink.
  • Physically speaking, Dummkopf should not have been electrocuted, because the walls of a toaster have a heating element that does not conduct electricity well (being a partial resistor.)
  • According to early concept art of Dumb Ways to Die, he has both ear-kind "things" similar to Dimwit.
  • While Dippy's transverse processes are seen in his lower skeletons, Dummkopf's transverse processes aren't seen.
  • According to the shop page, Dummkopf was named after his great grandfather, who enjoyed bomb disposal as a hobby. Dummkopf is also said to be distantly related to Hapless, who also likes to prod dangerous things.
  • His name originally been announced as Dumbkopf by the official DWtD Facebook page. However, they confirmed that Dummkopf was right.
    • After their confirmation, that's ironic that they replaced his name by Dummbkopf in the Shop.
  • It is possible to heard Dummkopf's voice in Dumb Ways to Die - Watch out for slippery surfaces when he sneezes.


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