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Some of the information is given by fans which include character's name and gender. So, Please note they may not be facts approved by Metro!

Elecy doing electrical work.

Picton blue (Body)
Taupe (After she dead)
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Do your Own Electrical Work

Elecy is a bear-like character who, after attempting to do her own electrical works, burned and turned gray after her death.


Elecy's appearance is a blue character with ears. After her house sets fire, she turns grey.


Black Elecy

In the video, Elecy is seen inside her house. She turns on a light, and then smiles. Her house then sets on fire, turning her grey in the chorus.


Prior to update 1.6, Elecy was only an unlockable character at the Train Station. After the update, Elecy has her own minigame, in which the player has to join matching wires to each other. If all of the wires are matched correctly, Elecy's house will have sparkling lights. If the wires aren't matched correctly, Elecy's house will catch fire.


On, Elecy and her house are on a hill.


  • Elecy is a pun on the word electric. Also this name was named by Dumb Ways to Die Wiki community that isn't the official related with Metro Trains Melbourne.
  • She may not an electrician, or she would have been able to do her own electrical work without setting her house on fire.
  • She is the only one to change color.
  • She is the only character to have ears.
  • She and Orange Peanut are the only female Standard Dancers.
  • Elecy and Hikouki are the only characters who died because they did not seek professional help.

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