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Toasters are no good
Toasty trying to get her toast.

Get your Toast out with a a Fork is the first line of the second verse. She is introduced after the first chorus and comes before Do your Own Electrical Work.


The line is characterised by an entirely skeletal figure. She is part of the second group and is a second dancer.

The assumption has been made that the character is female, simply to ease reading in this article. She is Toasty.


Toasty is seen holding a fork which sticks into a piece of toast inside a toaster. She then lifts it up, and gets electrocuted. Her burnt flesh falls down, revealing her skeletal form. She then looks down, and frowns.
Toasty wins
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The player must get the fork out without touching the sides of the toaster. If you win, Toasty will get her toast. If you fail, Toasty will get electrocuted.

Toasty's skeleton
This will happen if you lose.
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