Eat a Two Week Old Unrefrigerated Pie
Invite a Psycho Killer inside
Scratch a Drug Dealer's brand new ride

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Invite a Psycho Killer inside is the first line of the third verse.



Full body of him.

The verse is characterized by Clod, a green figure wearing a hockey mask, like similar psycho killers. In his left hand, he's holding a chainsaw while his right hand is a replacement hand with three knives as fingers.


Psycho killer

This is the first time we see this character

An off screen person sees Clod and opens the door. In the seeing hole, the man seems far away but then appears up close and waves his fingers. He does not appear much in the chorus, but appears close to the end of the chorus and waves at the viewer.


The player must click the door containing the Panda; if the player clicks the wrong door, Clod will come inside; if the player clicks the correct door, the panda will come inside.

The panda

Inviting a panda, not Clod.