Dwtd hero
  • He resembles a child-stage Lax due to his similar colour and a single tooth protruding from his mouth.
  • He is the main character to feature in the website after the overhaul, as part of the Sports Trio
  • He is slated to feature in some of the minigames, as disclosed by Metro through sneak peeks.
  • A running gag in the first two trailers - Leg Training and Sprint Training - is that he endures a messy death.
  • He appears to be the mascot of Dumb Ways To Die 2 as he is seen in the title screen, including bar of lives and the result.
  • In the Rio Stadidumb and in the Dumb Ways Jr, he is dressing glasses
  • It could be possible to hear Loopy's default voice in the Bunyip Kumbaya minigame.
  • He and Stupa have a visible tooth from the upper jaw.