Mishap is the character who keeps a rattlesnake as a pet and gets his eye bitten by it.

His name was revealed by his plush's product name.


Mishap decided to keep a rattlesnake as a pet. It was never going to be an easy relationship. The game of fetch never really caught on. And neither did the afternoon hose bath. It all came to a head when Mishap offered his rattle snake mustard on a hot dog. Everyone knows snakes only like onions. It ended in tears.[1]



Mishap luring rattlesnake

Holding a hot dog.

Mishap is a green character that has a rattlesnake clinging onto his eye. He and the rattlesnake look more brownish in the promo poster, but in the game and in the video they aren't.


Dumb Ways to Die Edit

Mishap is seen holding a hot dog, and then the rattlesnake bites his eye, causing him to fall backward

Game Edit


This will happen if you win

In the game, Mishap is seen holding a hotdog when the player must squirt mustard, and if the player wins, his rattlesnake will eat the hotdog he was holding. If the player fails, the rattlesnake will bite his eye again.

As part of an update, he has a new game. The player must spread out butter on a pan. If the pan is successfully covered, a piece of bacon will appear, and Mishap will give it to the snake, who will eat it. If this not done successfully, Mishap gets eaten again.

He has a Valentines' Day minigame where you have to put the chocolates in the box. If all the chocolates are in the box, Mishap gives the chocolate box to the snake and the snake eats it. Otherwise, Mishap will place the lid on the box incorrectly and the snake will bite his eye again.


Rattlesnake pet

Promotional DWTD poster featuring him. He looks brownish in this picture.


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