Putz wrote:
Or you'll end up like me!

Color Scheme
Wood brown
Dumb Ways to Die app
Dumb Ways Christmas Countdown

The Moose is the animal that falls in love with Botch. This is one of the times when Botch has his eyes open. She is the only animal with a confirmed gender.


In the game, the Moose only shows up at the end if the player wins. The Moose will fall in love with Botch if the player wins. If they fail, the Moose will not appear and Botch gets shot and dies.

In Botch's another minigame, she appears again with the Botch that is riding her. If the jump is missed, too early or too late, the moose runs into the obstacle with no valid jump, the moose stops running that result in the Botch get thrown off, resulting in failure. If the moose jumps over all of the obstacles, the moose fall in love with Botch again.


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