Numpty's Son's name might be changed when Numpty's Son's official name has been announced by Metro!
Numpty's son
Numpty's son

April Fools Ways to Die

Numpty's son is a character that appeared in April Fools Ways to Die. As suggested by his name, he is the son of Numpty.


He is blue, just like Numpty; he is also shorter than Numpty, and does not have a head that has been set on fire.


His first apperance is April Fools Ways to Die, when he was building his trap for Numpty.

Trivia Edit

  • In April Fools Ways to Die, He is probably the cause of Numpty being set on fire as his son made an April Fools Prank and shown to be pranking his dad by setting a April Fools Trap that made Numpty forced to jump by the trap that also goes to the fire.
  • The trap proves that Numpty may not be dumb.
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