• He is the first character with a relative, that being his son.
  • He is the first character with a confirmed official name by Metro, which is mentioned by this article.
  • He is seen without fire on his bald head in MIFF and the DWtD app.
  • According to 2013 Winners Comment - Dumb ways to die, he is seen along with Julian Frost the Animation Director of DWtD series.
    • Here he is seen with a different death: instead of by fire, he gets squashed by Julian's fist.
  • He is confirmed as being a male in the video description of April Fools Ways to Die, which contains a sentence reading: "Do not set your dad on fire - a message from Metro.".
  • According to the shop page, Numpty has a brother, not shown, the page implies that his brothers name is Humpty, as it has he has a similar name to Numpty and that he is mostly found on a wall (As Humpty Dumpty sits on a wall in the children's nursery rhyme). This also confirms Numpty's last name is Dumpty. The page also mentions that Numpty doesn't like cats.