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Color Scheme
Red gray
Dumb Ways to Die
Dumb Ways to Die app
Take your Helmet off in Outer Space

Numskull is an astronaut who took their helmet off in space.

They wear a grey spacesuit and a bluish helmet which they are shown to have taken off.


※ Despite their gender information given in this section is not matching to a whole page suggest, please do not change their gender pronouns here due to it could harm the objectiveness of given reference.

When it comes to money, Numskull has plenty. Brains, well, she got short changed in that department. Numskull loves pretty, bright lights, so she bought an abandoned Russian space station to see them closely. Really closely. So much so, she took her helmet off for a better look. Silly Numskull.[1]

  1. Dumb Ways to Die™: Crazy Chronicles Activity Journal

In the videoEdit


Numskull is seen (with a head) that they have taken off their helmet, and their head explodes in a burst of pinkish-red blood. With their eyes in their hands, they are a Tertiary Dancer in the chorus and they're in the third verse in the song, along with Clod, Doomed and Bungle.

App Edit

Introduced in the app in August 2014, the aim of the minigame is to guide Numskull back to their helmet by tilting the device. If Numskull reaches the helmet, they will put it on and give the player a thumbs up. Otherwise, Numskull will reach the same messy end from the loading screen and the video: their head explodes.

Numskull has another minigame which involves touching the screen to destroy the asteroids. If the player successfully destroys all the asteroids, Numskull will safely ride the asteroid,holding a lasso. Otherwise, Numskull will be crushed in between two asteroids and their head will explode again, resulting in failure.


Metro dumb ways to die helmet off


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