The Prank Items are the things that Numpty's Son used to prank his dad.


In the video, the prank items are a whoopee cushion, a steam iron, a boot linked with a stick, and the fireplace.

What they do Edit

Whoopee Cushion Edit

Whoopee cushion by stevenfanclub-d8usygu

The whoopee cushion serves as a warning device, generating a loud (and funny) sound that warns Numpty's Son when his dad sits in the chair.

Iron Edit

Iron by stevenfanclub-d8usyh8

The iron serves as a stopper, prohibiting further progress for Numpty's jump and buying the boot extra speed (in time) to hit the slightly suspecting character.

Boot Edit

Boot by stevenfanclub-d8usyhb

The boot serves as a launcher, kicking Numpty into the fireplace with the pull of the string.

Fireplace Edit


Self-explanatory, it sets Numpty on fire.


They do not appear in the game anyway.

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