Rail Safety Week is an annual event dedicated to rail safety awareness, and is celebrated by train and public transportation companies, including Metro Trains.

Rail Safety Week 2013 Edit

The first event to ever feature the Dumb Ways to Die characters involved a new mural featuring all of the characters, as well as an interactive big red button for commuters and visitors to make their pledges.

Rail Safety Week 2014Edit

DumbWaysToDie RailSafetyWeek Monday1114 25pc

Informational Poster for Rail Safety Week 2014, featuring Bonehead and Putz.

The latest event happened between 11th to 17th August, 2014, and involved meet and greets with Numpty, Stumble and Botch, as well as an interactive game, which encouraged players to "be safe around level crossings".

Specialised posters, as well as informational adverts were published in the commuter papers, as well as arranged in the train stations. There were also giveaways, such as collectors' posters, badges and even an informational brochure that explained why staying safe around level crossings matters.

Rail Safety Week 2015Edit

Putz wrote:
Or you'll end up like me!

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