Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games

Stupa is a mango-colored character who appear in the Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games.

Her gender was confirmed by the official Dumb Ways To Die Facebook page.

Her official name was confirmed by the update note of Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games version 1.7, which it suggests a new-brand minigame with her name: "Teleportation Tangle: Stupa and Boffo are jumbled in the energy beam! Match the guts to the beans before they rematerialise."


Stupa has a mango-colored peanut body and wears a sweatband that holds two purple feathers in Rio stadidumb. In other maps, no feathers. She also has a visible tooth which usually is seen on her upper jaw.


  • Rattle Snake Mistake: Has her eye bitten by a rattlesnake. (Death not seen)
  • Teleportation Tangle: The lower half of her head is merged with the lower half of Boffo's body. (Death not seen)
  • Cocky Carioca: Her eye is pecked by a chicken.
  • Capybara Capoeira: Her legs are chopped off by the Capybara. (Death not seen and debatable)


  • In Rio Stadidumb her sweatband holds two purple feathers, but not in other maps
  • Stupa is about 4 ft (1.20 m) tall as seen in the game Capybara Capoeira.
  • She and Loopy have a visible tooth from the upper jaw.


Putz wrote:
Or you'll end up like me!
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