The Dumb Team's gender is not confirmed by Metro yet, so the gender given in the article is decided by the Dumb Ways to Die Wiki community.
Be sure The Dumb Team may not be a Lady or Gentleman in the DWtD series!
The Dumb Team

Introducing The Dumb Team...
Dumb Ways to Die 2 the Games

The Dumb Team is a group of four characters: a green one, a pink one, an orange one, and a blue one. The green, orange, and pink ones are all women. The blue one is a man. They represent the group of people who work on the Dumb Ways to Die series. They are:

  • Head of Dumb Ideas: Chloe
  • CEO of Dumb: Leah
  • Dumb IP Lawyer: Fiona
  • Head of Digital Ways to Die: Dean


  • The CEO of Dumb, Leah, strongly resembles Ninny, but Ninny is male, while Leah is female.
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