Putz wrote:
Or you'll end up like me!

The ticket gates are a barrier object, seen in the print advert, "Follow your Mate Through a Ticket Gate", where Mrs.Gate is noticeably jammed between the barrier flaps.

The ticket gates are a common barrier method found in most train stations in Melbourne (and the world); as the ticketing system in Melbourne is a smart card system called a Myki, the ticket gates are activated to open when a passenger touches on (makes contact with) the ticket mat with their ticket card.

Ticket Gate PeopleEdit

They are the numerous characters by the ticket gates along with Mr.Gate and Mrs.Gate. They all come in various shapes, but to distinguish from Mr. and Mrs. Gate, they are all blue.

Some of the characters are differently shaped, including some with lumps like Pillock, some have ears like Dimwit and some others being peanut shaped. At least one is looking at Mr. and Mrs. Gate's misfortunes over his shoulder.

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