Train Station

Dumb Ways to Die app
Stand on the edge of a train station platform(Platform only)

The train station is a structure occasionally seen in Dumb Ways to Die.


The train station has two appearances: one in the app, and one on the website. In the app, the station has a clock; on the website, it doesn't.


In the video, the train station's platform is only seen for a brief amount of time, only while Stumble's line lasts. It is also shown in Putz's line.


The train station platform appears longer, depending on how long the player takes for Stumble's minigame. It also appears as long as the player stares at their characters.


On the website, the station is where you can make Stumble fall off, Calamity eat her glue, Pillock eat his medicine, Lax eat his pieMishap get bitten in his eye and Bungle spin in his clothes dryer.

Stupe dies automatically.


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